From the Introduction:
Hillsides  pose  unique  challenges  for  the  development  of  residential  neighbourhoods.  Meeting these  challenges  requires  a  shift  from  traditional  methods  of  servicing,  subdivision  layout  and building form. The growing awareness of the value and frailty of ecosystems in hillside areas has resulted  in  increased  demands  to  protect  these  environmentally  sensitive  areas.  Growing awareness  of  the  financial  cost  to  maintain  servicing  in  hillside  areas  and  the  social  and economic   impacts   of   providing   primarily   only   large   lot   single   family   dwelling   housing opportunities,  has  resulted  in  a  demand  to  re-examine  the  very  nature  of  hillside  development.

See the Full Report at the City of Vernon website [PDF].